Chez Champignon

Definitely the most poignant piņata so far, this femur was presented at the huge party our friend threw for the bone marrow donor who saved her life. It featured four compartments and healthy treats.

Prices start at $300

This Flounder Fish was recently featured at the wrap party of a stop-motion animated short film. Containing 3 separate compartments of three different treats, many party-goers got a good whack in before it was done. And many more got pinata body parts as souvenirs.
80 hours / $800

This giant worm monster pinata was the main attraction at an animation social event here in Portland, Oregon. With four full sections of exotic treats, it took quite a few people to conquer the beast.

100 hours / $1000

(if you want a worm monster, replicas are $800)

Even Logos make great Pinatas!

This was done for ASIFA, the international animation society, Portland Oregon Chapter.

70 hours / $700

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