Chez Champignon

This sandwich board painted by Jeff is proudly displayed outside Anna Bannanas on NW 21st. between Northrup and Overton.

This banner flew at the 2011 St. Johns Day Beer Garden and currently accompanies us during festival appearances (drawn & painted by Jeff)

St. John’s Parade - Beer Garden Banner 2010

Jeff did the design, I painted the background and we both colored the pictures (the blue dog was copied from an image on the web)  Sponsored in part by Anna Bannanas Coffee Shop

Click this photo to see our wood carvings

Click this photo to see Jeff’s pumpkin carvings

Click this photo to see Jeff’s stop-motion animation character designs

J.R. Williams has been an amazing artist here in Portland, Oregon for decades. He specializes in comic book art and pop-culture paintings and did some preliminary character design work for our story, Sambuka Black. Thanks JR!

Click this photo to see and buy JR’s artwork.

Damion Zari is a local airbrush artist who did the wonderful rendition of Duncan and Alex (aka...picture of the authors) seen on our site

Click this photo to go to Damion’s site.

Buy a Robo-Ferret t-shirt through and the proceeds go to Cascade Ferret Shelter, a non-profit organization dedicated to taking care of abandoned, abused and sick ferrets.

Design by Jeff Mulcaster

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